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9/21/2022 12:14 PM
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  The London Sanctuary

The London Sanctuary is a memorial to London, a female Dalmatian who was the founder’s “heart” dog and who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2008. It is an extension of work he has been doing for many years privately: saving the lives of dogs at risk. In 2010, he decided that it was time to seek 501(c)(3) nonprofit status as an independent rescue group instead of the more limiting method of working under the umbrella of other rescues.

Currently TLS functions as both sanctuary and rescue, caring for dogs unable to be placed due to their advanced age or medical need as well as for adoptable dogs rescued from government-run kill shelters in northeastern Florida and around the Southeastern U.S.

Funds are always needed to continue our rescue efforts and,with luck to expand the number of animals we can help rehome. Adopting one of these dogs is the best way to help us reach our goal. But there are other ways to offer your support and to get involved.

Our Mission:
The London Sanctuary (TLS) focuses on providing a safe haven for elderly and unwanted Beagles and Hound Dogs, as well as other at-risk, large to medium-sized breeds, as space and funds permit. Special consideration is given to hounds of all types, which are also greatly at risk in northeast Florida.

• TLS rescues, rehabilitates, and re-homes as many dogs from area shelters as possible. Our priority is to save dogs most at-risk of euthanasia in high-kill facilities.
• TLS attempts to place dogs through online pet-listing services and forums, and social media.
• TLS thoroughly screens prospective owners with home and veterinary reference checks.
• TLS houses a limited number of dogs as care-for-life dogs that cannot be placed either due to age and/or medical conditions.
• TLS provides ongoing support and education to all adopters.
• TLS spays/neuters and gives required immunizations and necessary medical treatment to all dogs prior to placement.

The London Sanctuary is supported privately and by the community through fundraisers, donations, and gifts from organizations, corporations and individuals. Reasonable adoption fees help defray the cost of operation.